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Aseptic Carton Filler

The machine is ideal for aseptic filling of milk, flavored milk, drinks, juices, wine and other liquid food products.

High frequency electrical sealing.

Automatic liquid level control for accurate filling.

Automatic PP strip application.

Rotary discharge plate to avoid accumulation of containers.

High quality main components.

SBH2000 - 2000 u/hour (1 L)
SBH3000 - 3000 u/hour (200, 250 mL)
SBH6000 - 6000 u/hour (100, 125, 200, 250 mL)
SBH7000 - 7000 u/hour (100, 125, 200, 250 mL)

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1. Polyethylene
2. Adhesive layer
3. Paper
4. Polyethylene
5. Adhesive layer
6. Aluminum
7. Adhesive layer
8. Polyethylene
9. Modified Polyethylene
Important material savings
Lower initial investment
Highly profitable in a small scale
Specialized support
No penalties due to volume purchases
9 layer protection and 6 color printing
High quality materials and printing
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