In the overall design of a multiple product plant the HTST multipurpose pasteurizer plays a key role simplifying the multiple operations by better planning the resources. Operating at a higher capacity performing one operation at a time, the HTST pasteurizer assures the benefits of a constant working pace. This approach reduces initial investment in equipment, costly plant space, operating, cleaning and maintenance cost.


  • In one integrated module we share heat exchange sections to achieve different heat treatment according to the products

  • Heat treatment for yogurt, cheese and cold milk for storage are possible

  • Three systems in one saves space, operating, cleaning, and maintenance cost

  • Easy to relocate

  • Fully interconnected utilities, instrumentation and control panel consequently reduces time and cost of installation

  • Engineering incorporated with the solution allows for a better planned installation

  • Allows for testing and inspection prior to receiving the equipment at the plant


Yield increase - Every pound of protein that gels, traps fat and moisture in proportional relationship to the original cheese.

Stability - Whey proteins when changed from their native state to a gelated state show remarkable melt restrictive characteristics which are beneficial for processed cheeses, fresh cheeses and other varieties like frying cheeses.

Our patented system is designed to treat the milk in order to incorporate whey proteins to cheese, forming a new protein to protein relationship with the casein. This system will yield 8 to 13% more cheese from the same amount of milk. Programmed parameters in the PLC allow the operator to select the right ratio of gelated to non gelated milk in the final product going to the cheese vat. 

Sanchelima International Inc. developed the equipment and the technology as part of a patented process to incorporate a significant portion of the otherwise soluble whey proteins into the cheese curd.

The system is designed to continuously gel the protein by heat treatment over prolonged
holding time. We achieve this by utilizing heat regeneration, accurate temperature controls and non-preferential f low during the long holding period which can be adjusted to accommodate different percentage levels of gelated protein.

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