Freedom series centrifugal separator has flat belt driving system, the motor speed is electronically controlled by a VFD to obtain a gradual startup ramp that gives a smoother and more uniform operation.

  • Energy savings: Avoids high peaks of energy consumption during startup, 25% less energy consumption than traditional centrifuges

  • Significantly less maintenance: Fewer amount of parts that would require maintenance due to wear
  • Less down-time: It is not necessary to disassemble mechanical parts for the replacement of the transmission belt
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*Skiming and standardization values given for milk at 35°C (95°F)
Capacity in lts/hr
    ClarifySkim     Whey Skim     Standardize
CA11    2,0001,5001,0001,000
CA21    3,5002,0003,0003,000
CA31    5,000
CA41    7,0004,0006,0006,000
CA51    9,0005,0007,5007,500
CA61    11,0006,0009,0009,000
CA71   15,0007,500      11,000      11,000
CA91   20,000       10,000     15,000      15,000
CA131          25,00012,500     19,000      19,000
CA201        40,00020,000     30,000      30,000
CA171        35,00017,500     26,000      26,000
CA151        30,00015,000     22,000             22,000
CA251          25,000     40,000
CA351          35,000     50,000
CA301          30,000     45,000

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