Equipment: Polisoft/Drip line/ Multimold Cassettes/ Turning Units / MAP/Vacuum Packaging

Polisoft Cheese vat is a patented cheese vat design, specially engineered to manufacture high moisture soft cheeses. Its cylindrical shape as well as the two totally independent functions, cutting and agitating, allows you to obtain higher yield. This well balanced design assures having only the cutting blades immersed in the curd mass during the cutting operation, and only the paddles during the stirring phase. This is especially effective when the curd is allowed to settle during whey removal. The longitudinal cutting assembly moves along the entire length of the vat, providing the adequate cutting action in a single pass to obtain cubed shape pieces of curd. In addition, the blades are sharpened on both sides in order to achieve a more efficient cutting process, reducing the fat and fine loss resulting in higher yield.
Dripline is a continuous system designed to separate the whey from the curd and fill in an intermittent motion the double sided cassette molds. The double sided has inverted molds on the upper part cassettes inverted mold is then transported in stacks to the stack turning unit to shape both sides of the cheeses in the desired shape. The system receives the curd/whey from the Polisoft cheese vat at a constant flow rate. A rotary micro-perforated drum provides an efficient draining and conveys the curd to the accumulation hopper. Filling is achieved by distributing the curd to the filling plate. The system has the flexibility to use different filling tray for different cheese formats. The operator controls the whole operation from an electro pneumatic control panel. The main advantage of this system is its capability of reaching a large capacity; up to 3,000 kg/hour (6,600 lbs/hour) of cheese depending on the format.

Equipment: Polisoft/Rotary Whey Draining units 

Polisoft Cheese vat is in terms of yield also the most suitable vat for the production of soft cheeses. The simplest system for whey draining and molding of soft cheeses is the unique Sanchelima rotary whey draining unit. It is a portable unit, entirely sanitary, strong, compact, easy to operate, and fully cleanable. The unit simultaneously performs the operations of whey draining and molding. Its f lexibility allows it to use cylindrical or square shape molds. The manual turning mechanism is properly designed to easily rotate multiple molds inside the double sided chamber even when fully loaded. A Typical application contains 90 square molds and 72 round molds. Multiple turning is done with ease to better shape and de-whey. The rotary units are also used to transport the product to the cooling room. The SS molds are transferred from the rotary unit to the shelves in the cooling room , so the unit can be used in the next batch or the filled molds can be left inside if no more batches need to be made. Depending on the mold shape, the capacity of the units with square shape molds is about 320 kg (700 lbs), and with cylindrical shaped molds is about 230 kg (500 lbs). Every unit is equipped with a whey collection tray, designed to be connected to self priming sanitary whey transfer pump.
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•   Practical and economical
•   Simplest operation
•   Flexibility to handle different formats
•   Fully cleanable


Equipment: Caseus Cheese vat or Double “O” type/ Finishing draining Table/ Pre-pressing /Block formers/ Block size plastic boxes / Molds / Pressing systems 

Caseus Cheese Coagulation vats are utilized where longer residence time and lower moisture are required. As in the Polisoft the sharp cutting knives and the agitators are counterbalancing each other. Caseus’s sharp knifes cut instead of rupturing the curd with wires.  This means fewer fines and more fat retained.  Partial  whey  draining  is  easy by  mean s of an automatic whey extraction system that moves down to the desired level inside the vat. All Caseus are equipped with an efficient heat exchange surface made of stainless steel dimple plate. Optionally we measure the amount of whey extracted in order to replace it with water when curd washing is required. Caseus is available from 4,400 lbs up to 44,000 lbs. 

In the finishing table we drain the rest of the whey. Sharp knives are utilized to reduce curd size. Frequency of cutting cycles and number of cycles forces the whey out and produces a lower moisture cheese. Once we have cut it we are able to collect it and transport it to the milling station located at the end of the curd elevator. 

With this system we eliminate the loaves cutting, turning and milling inside the finishing vat. Therefore the whole process is done without human intervention.

Equipment: Caseus, Double “O” type / Draining carts, Finishing draining Table / Stretching machine / Extruder-Moulding Machine/ Cooling systems / MAP / Vacuum. 

In addition to offering a complete line for mozzarella and pizza cheese, Sanchelima International and its represented company have created solutions to continuously produce “Oaxaca” Cheese with the right texture, moisture content and string preservation. “Oaxaca” is a favorite Mexican style cheese that our customers are able to produce at rates from 700 lbs/hour up to 3,000 lbs/hour. 

We can also offer an exact weight cheese fingers molding machine for 1 oz pieces. 

Another development is the machine designed for a Venezuelan variety of Pasta Filata called “Telita,” which is a very delicate curd, as it is coagulated mostly by acidity and could not be molded in the traditional way. Its round shaped and small thickness makes it suitable for use with Arepas and Tortillas.
  • Low investment, high capacity
  • Cost effective production module
  • Simplified operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexibility to handle different formats
  • Highly hygienic production line 20 Dripline System
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